Case Studies of 6 Innovative Oral Health Service Delivery Programs Using Tele-dentistry

Tele-dentistry is an emerging strategy with the potential to improve oral health outcomes for underserved populations, particularly those living in rural communities. OHWRC will conduct 6 case studies of innovative oral health programs in different states that employ tele-dentistry. The case studies will entail site visits to selected programs and in-depth interviews with both administrative, HIT and clinical staff at selected sites where tele-dentistry services are provided. In addition, OHWRC will review current state statutes and regulations in dentistry with specific focus on regulation of tele-dentistry and state-level reimbursement policies for oral health providers accepting Medicaid and/or commercial insurance for services provided using tele-dentistry. The findings from this research study will provide a better understanding of tele-dentistry program applications; workforce strategies; impacts on access to care; the organizational structure in which services are provided, and the barriers and facilitators of tele-dentistry services.

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