The pandemic has had immediate economic impacts (eg, widespread unemployment, including many dental providers) that will impact dental coverage and affordability for millions of Americans. The following resources help to:

  • Understand the immediate impact of COVID-19 on the public and private enrollment in dental plans
  • Track evidence of COVID-19’s impact on the financing system of dental care in the short term
  • Summarize changes to adult Medicaid coverage that are to be expected as state budget cuts begin to roll out

(01/11/2021) How are Delta Dental Companies Responding to COVID-19?
Delta Dental Institute provides a comprehensive list of the most recent programs launched by Delta Dental companies in supporting dentists, nonprofits, and health centers. Links to various programs, including financial assistance and relief programs, are categorized by state.

(12/07/2020) If Congress Doesn’t Invest in States Soon, People May Start Losing Oral Health Services
Community Catalyst Health Policy Hub explains the need for additional federal funding in order to prevent state Medicaid budget cuts in 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Cuts to oral health care are already being discussed in states such as Washington and Wisconsin.

(12/02/2020) Health Insurance Providers Respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) releases a blog post highlighting the changes made to better serve their consumers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes made to dental coverage, including benefits for tele-dentistry, are highlighted.

(11/23/2020) Alternative Payment Models in Dentistry
DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement releases a new report revealing the need for provider awareness and education about alternative payment models within the oral health care system.

(09/22/20) HHS Announces Provider Relief Fund Reporting Requirements
ADA News highlights reporting requirements including submitting all health care-related expenses attributed to COVID-19, applying a negative change in provider’s net patient care operating income on payments not fully expended on health-care related expenses, and explaining the importance of maintaining appropriate records for the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) auditing purposes.

(09/22/20) COVID-19 Economic Impact on Dental Practices
ADA’s Health Policy Institute (HPI) provides results to a bi-weekly survey sent to dental providers to provide insight on the economic impact of COVID-19 on dental practices. Additionally, ADA HPI modeling predicts dental care spending to decline up to 38% in 2020 and 20% in 2021.

(08/28/2020) Modeling the Impact of COVID-19 on Dental Insurance Coverage and Utilization
This article published in the Journal of Dental Research describes a model to predict the impact of unemployment rates on dental insurance coverage of Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the authors discuss how dental insurance coverage will impact care utilization and outcomes.

(08/06/20) Pallone Announces Investigation Into Health and Dental Insurance Companies’ Business Practices Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
The House Committee on Energy and Commerce begins investigation into health and dental insurance companies based upon reports that many of the companies are documenting record profit margins during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Energy and Commerce Committee will send oversight letters to insurance companies to commence investigations.

(07/31/20) HHS Extends Application Deadline for Medicaid Providers and Plans to Reopen Portal to Certain Medicare Providers
A news release by the US Department of Health & Human Services extending the application deadline for Medicaid providers to Friday, 08/28/2020 and describing plans to reopen the portal to certain Medicare providers.

(07/29/2020) HR7819 – Eliminating the Provider Relief Fund Tax Penalties Act of 2020
The 116th Congress introduces HR 7819 Eliminating the Provider Relief Fund Tax Penalties Act of 2020 which highlights the economic difficulties that dental practices are experiencing amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Enacting this bill will make pandemic-related expenses attributed to the Provider Relief Funds tax deductible.

(07/29/20) Frequently Asked Questions: HHS Provider Relief Fund
ADA provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Provider Relief Fund. Topics covered include eligibility, reimbursement criteria, deadlines, balance billing (surprise billing), reporting requirements, and the Provider Relief Fund public list. Additional resources are included to assist with the application process.

(07/21/2020) Minnesota Dental Therapists Face Employment Challenges Amid Pandemic
The Pew Charitable Trusts reports survey findings from the Minnesota Dental Therapy Association (MDTA) revealing the impact of the pandemic on employment of dental therapists. At the time of publishing, 12% of dental therapists reported working either full-time or on a reduced schedule.

(06/15/2020) HR7216 – Small Business PPE Tax Credit Act
The 116th Congress introduces bill H.R. 7216 which introduces a tax credit for small businesses to offset the cost of attaining personal protective equipment (PPE) amidst the pandemic. Qualified PPE includes all equipment that would reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus, including items like N95 masks, gloves and cleaning supplies.

(04/26/20) CARES Act Signed Into Law, Will Provide Targeted Relief for Dentists, Dental Teams
The California Dental Association (CDA) informs their members about the third legislative relief package of HR748, The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The CDA highlights the most useful information for dentists, dental students, and dental team members.

(03/26/2020) CARES Act Signed Into Law, Will Provide Targeted Relief for Dentists, Dental Teams
An article written by the California Dental Association (CDA) informing their members about the third legislative relief package of HR748 The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. CDA highlights the most useful information for dentists, dental students and dental team members.

(XX/XX/20) COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
The ADA Center for Professional Success’ COVID-19 Center provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding financial and dental benefits. Topics covered include business interruption insurance, provider relief funds, small business administration loans, and tips on billing and coding for teledentistry appointments.